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Leonie Lacouette of Leonie Time making one of her wedding Love Clocks photographed by Duetimage Photography.
Leonie Lacou­ette of Leonie Time in Gar­diner assem­bling one of her Love Clocks, a local­ly made wed­ding gift for your Hud­son Val­ley event. (Pho­tographed by Due­tim­age Pho­tog­ra­phy — Hud­son Val­ley wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phers).

Here’s a great gift to help your favorite new­ly­weds count every minute of their wed­ded bliss: a Love Clock, hand­craft­ed in the Hud­son Val­ley by artist Leonie Lacou­ette of Leonie Time.


The Love Clock by Leonie Time for locally crafted wedding gifts photography by Duetimage Photography.
The Love Clock: a heart-shaped pen­du­lum and the def­i­n­i­tion of love from a cen­tu­ry old dic­tio­nary laser-etched onto the time­piece’s mount­ing plate.


So what exact­ly is a “love clock”?  We went to Leonie’s stu­dio in Gar­diner to watch one being made.

I’ve been mak­ing clocks since 1983,” Leonie tells us as she begins putting togeth­er one of her Love Clocks.  Back then, Leonie had just earned a degree in ceram­ics  at  SUNY New Paltz.  Not know­ing what projects she want­ed to pur­sue after that, she came across an ad for clock parts and was inspired.  “I ordered some clock parts and made some clocks.  Then I went to an art show with some par­ty things and some clocks, and guess what sold?” says Leonie.


Love Clock under construction at Leonie Time in Gardiner NY photographed by Duetimage Photography.
Every Love Clock begins like this …


Pendulum preparation for love clock by Leonie Time photographed by Duetimage Photography.
First, the paint­ed cop­per heart pen­du­lum is pre­pared and set aside.


The Love Clock is some­thing that I’ve been mak­ing for a very long time,” Leonie tells us, explain­ing how the design began with a def­i­n­i­tion of love she found in a 1904 dic­tio­nary.  “A very dat­ed thing, and quite love­ly.  If you look in a mod­ern dic­tio­nary, you will not see these words.”


Leonie Time Love Clock under construction photographed by Duetimage Photography.
The Love Clock­’s def­i­n­i­tion of love is laser-etched onto the time­piece’s mount­ing plate.


Orig­i­nal­ly, the words of the Love Clock were print­ed on paper which was then affixed to the time­piece’s mount­ing plate.  When that method was no longer con­sis­tent with the type of work Leonie’s stu­dio was doing, the Love Clock briefly went out of pro­duc­tion.  But along came a com­pa­ny that could laser-etch the words direct­ly into the clock­’s wood­en mount­ing plates.  “Leslie, one of my assis­tants found out about this and said ‘Maybe we can start mak­ing the Love Clock again’ and so we did,” recalls Leonie.


Love Clock under construction at Leonie Time by Duetimage Upstate Photography.
The time­piece is insert­ed and set on the clock­’s face.



Love Clock under construction at Leonie Time by Duetimage Upstate Photography.
The hands are set in place and the move­ment is tested.


So who’s been buy­ing the Love Clock?  “It’s pri­mar­i­ly a gift giv­en to the bride and groom by their fam­i­lies, and also for anniver­saries.  But it can also be a gift giv­en by cou­ples who want to share their love with their bridal par­ties.  The clock is not cou­ple spe­cif­ic, it’s not flow­ery love, it’s not effem­i­nate — it’s just love,” says Leonie.


Leonie Time clocks photographed by Duetimage Photography.
There’s a clock for every­body at Leoni Time, which can be found online at the stu­dio’s web­site and 150 art gal­leries around the country.


Leonie Time’s Love Clock — and oth­er pieces — can be eas­i­ly ordered on the inter­net through the stu­dio’s web­site and in 150 art gal­leries around the coun­try.  The Love Clock is also fea­tured in the Art­ful Home cat­a­logue.  The clocks can be shipped all over world and have gone as far as Aus­tralia.  For those liv­ing near­by, the clock can be pur­chased direct­ly at Leoni’s stu­dio pro­vid­ing it is cur­rent­ly in stock.  “The inter­net is the best bet for avail­abil­i­ty,” says Leoni, “But if some­one comes into my stu­dio we will try our best to send them home with something.”


Signed love clock by Leonie


Thinking about a Love Clock for your favorite couple?

Down­load images from this arti­cle on our Leonie Time Web Album made espe­cial­ly for your smartphone.

Additional Information:

Learn more about Leonie Time at  http://www.leonietime.com/.

To dis­cuss your Hud­son Val­ley wed­ding with Due­tim­age Hud­son Val­ley Wed­ding Pho­tog­ra­phers, call (845) 905‑6323 or vis­it: http://www.duetimage.com/contact.

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