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Cardamon Ball wedding cake from Hudson Valley Dessert Company photographed by Duetimage Photography.
The amaz­ing Pis­ta­chio-Car­da­mon Bite wed­ding pas­try from the  Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny in Sauger­ties, NY (Pho­to by Due­tim­age Pho­tog­ra­phy).


We may have dis­cov­ered the most awe­some wed­ding dessert.  One that fills the mind with visions of a Swedish Christ­mas scene depict­ed in a Carl Lars­son paint­ing.  Or a night in the Kas­bah on a bed of spices and cit­rus fruits.  Aro­mat­ic, nut­ty, moist inside, in a shell of creamy white choco­late dust­ed with pis­ta­chios.  And you can find it too at The Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny where sweet things are always cook­ing in Sauger­ties, NY.

The Pis­ta­chio-Car­da­mon Bite is a pas­try that’s real­ly unique to us,” says own­er Con­nie Bai­ley as she watch­es her chef, Gabrielle Fus­co, fin­ish off a tray of the lit­tle snow­ball-shaped treats des­tined for anoth­er great Hud­son Val­ley wedding.


Connie Bailey owner of the Hudson Valley Dessert Company by Duetimage Photography Upstate Photographers.
Con­nie Bai­ley, own­er of the Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny, over­sees the fin­ish­ing of a wed­ding cake.


Con­nie cuts one in half to show us the orange, nut­ty, cardmon‑y good­ness inside.  The cross-sec­tion looks very sim­ple, so it’s sur­pris­ing when you pop one of these babies in your mouth and you expe­ri­ence all the lev­els of fla­vor.  “We put them out at a tast­ing and they sell them­selves,” says Connie.


Cardaman Ball wedding cake at Hudson Valley Dessert Company in Saugerties New York by Duetimage Photography.


In addi­tion to their car­da­mon balls, the Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny has been serv­ing up a host of baked goods in Sauger­ties for over 18 years.  Orig­i­nal­ly locat­ed in a back alley shop on Par­ti­tion Street, the bak­ery sold just bis­cot­ti.  But in 2009, Con­nie moved her oper­a­tion to the site of the for­mer Lach­man­n’s Bak­ery on Main Street.


Exterior of the Hudson Valley Dessert Company in Saugerties by Saugerties wedding photographer Duetimage Photography.
You’ve come a long way, bis­cot­ti: the Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny is now a full ser­vice bak­ery and cafe serv­ing break­fast and lunch, along with sweet baked goods.


The bak­ery now pro­duces much more than bis­cot­ti — every­thing from break­fast food and lunchtime sand­wich­es to cook­ies, cakes, and pies.  Many of these items show up on dessert tables at wed­dings through­out the Hud­son Val­ley along­side the bak­ery’s sig­na­ture car­da­mon bites and wed­ding cakes.


Traditional wedding cake at the Hudson Valley Dessert Company by Duetimage Photography Hudson Vallety Wedding Photography.
A tra­di­tion­al wed­ding cake awaits its final dec­o­ra­tions at the Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Company.


Cou­ples like to have an assort­ment of pies,” Con­nie tells us.  “We do pump­kin, key lime, apple, blue­ber­ry, and our most pop­u­lar pie which is the Cher­ry-Berry Pie.   It’s a blend of blue­ber­ries, cran­ber­ries, cher­ries, and strawberries.”


The Cherry Berry Pie at Hudson Valley Dessert Company photographed by Duetimage Photography.
The Cher­ry Berry Pie in a per­son­al size pan, reg­u­lar­ly avail­able at Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Company.


For choco­late lovers, there is also the bak­ery’s Decon­struct­ed Choco­late Cake, made from a hol­lowed out choco­late cake which is filled with choco­late pas­try cream.  The cake carv­ings are then cut into neat cubes and placed on top.


Pastry chef Gabrielle Fusco with her Deconstructed Chocolate Cakes photo by Duetimage Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers.
Culi­nary Insti­tute of Amer­i­ca-trained pas­try chef Gabrielle Fus­co with a pair Decon­struct­ed Choco­late Cakes fresh­ly assembled.


Cus­tom designed cook­ies are also pop­u­lar items on wed­ding dessert tables from Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny.  Drag­on­flies and sun­flow­ers like the ones seen below, or any oth­er shape that Con­nie and her team can cut out and dec­o­rate in col­ors match­ing your wed­ding theme.  Fox cook­ies, deer cook­ies, and lit­tle bears have been pop­u­lar for wed­dings and baby show­ers too.  “We even did a New York City themed wed­ding with cook­ies shaped like taxi cabs, the Stat­ue Lib­er­ty, and a T‑shirt that said ‘I heart New York’,” says Connie.


Custom designed cookies from the Hudson Valley Dessert Company photo by Duetimage Photography upstate wedding photographers.

Custom designed cookies from the Hudson Valley Dessert Company photo by Duetimage Photography upstate wedding photographers.


The Hud­son Val­ley Dessert Com­pa­ny deliv­ers in a radius that includes points south as far as New­burgh, north into Greene Coun­ty, and west of Kingston into the Catskills.  The Full Moon Resort in Big Indi­an, the Cop­per Tree at Hunter Moun­tain, and numer­ous barn venues are places where Con­nie and her team find them­selves sup­ply­ing wed­ding desserts time and again.  “We real­ly get around,” she says.


Signage at the Hudson Valley Dessert Company photographed by Duetimage Photography.


Planning your desserts with the Hudson Valley Dessert Company.

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