Cavallo’s Fine Jewelry, Red Hook


Outside Cavallo's Jewelry in Red Hook, NY by Duetimage Photography.
Out­side Cav­al­lo’s Jew­el­ry in Red Hook, NY.


When you’re buy­ing a ring from a guy in a three-piece suit, you’re talk­ing to a jew­el­ry sales­man. When you’re buy­ing a ring from a guy in a leather apron, you’re talk­ing to a jew­el­er,” says Con­nie Rovi­go, co-own­er of Cav­al­lo Fine Jew­el­ry in Red Hook.


Cavallo jewelry by DUetimage Photography.
Con­nie dis­cuss­es her unique jew­el­ry designs.


Con­nie and her part­ner John DiGre­go­rio pride them­selves on being a rar­i­ty in the Hud­son Val­ley: a jew­el­ry store that designs, sculpts, and casts wed­ding rings to a customer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions.


John of Cavallo Fine Jewelry casting a new wedding ring, photographed by Duetimage Photography.
John cast­ing a new wed­ding ring.


Cav­al­lo first caught our eye when we came upon their win­dow dis­play of their unique match­ing wed­ding bands, sim­i­lar to these pic­tured in their work­shop.


Cavallo Fine Jewelry wedding bands in workshop photographed by Duetimage Photography.
Match­ing bride and groom wed­ding bands in pro­duc­tion by Cav­al­lo Fine Jew­el­ry.


With her back­ground in fine arts paint­ing and a BFA from the New York Insti­tute of Tech­nol­o­gy, Con­nie can incor­po­rate all sorts of images into her designs for wed­ding bands. “Once we had a bik­er cou­ple that want­ed their bands to look like the treads of their tires,” she tells us. “Some­times peo­ple want their pets to be on a ring.”

John told us the sto­ry of a groom who refused to wear a wed­ding band and his bride was real­ly unhap­py. “The guy was a mechan­ic, so I asked him if he would wear a wed­ding band that looked like a wrench. He said, ‘heck yeah’!”

A cus­tom ring begins with a wax sculp­ture which Con­nie and John painstak­ing­ly cre­ate using what­ev­er visu­al ref­er­ence is nec­es­sary. While we were vis­it­ing the shop, Con­nie showed us this squir­rel she was craft­ing for a neck­lace and match­ing set of ear­rings:


Mold for custom squirrel necklace and earring by Cavallo Jewelry photographed by Duetimage Photography.
It all starts here — a wax mold for cus­tom squir­rel neck­lace and ear­rings.

Once Con­nie and John are sat­is­fied with the wax orig­i­nal, they will use it to cre­ate a mold so that pre­cious met­al ver­sions can be made. John took us to where he fires the met­al him­self and demon­strat­ed the cast­ing of sev­er­al rings. “The met­al is over 1900 degrees at this point and you have to be care­ful to pour it just right so that the fin­ished piece is not brit­tle.”

John then cools down the mold into which the met­als have been poured and the rings come out on a sup­port post look­ing like this:


Newly forged wedding bands in workshop of Cavallo Fine Jewelry by Duetimage Photography.
Wed­dings bands new­ly forged.


John explains the scaly coat­ing is called “bark” and is cre­at­ed dur­ing the cast­ing process. To remove it and achieve the love­ly lus­ter seen in all the prod­ucts shown on Cavallo’s Face­book page, John places the rings in a tum­bler like the one seen below, where it will be cleaned for sev­er­al hours.


Tumbler for polishing newly forged jewelry, by Duetimage Photography in the Hudson Valley.
Tum­bler for pol­ish­ing new­ly forged jew­el­ry.


Aside from cre­at­ing new jew­el­ry, Cavallo’s can also make del­i­cate repairs. “Once we were called in to help restire a valu­able heir­loom from a high-end Delaware shop. John, who earned a BFA in gold and sil­ver­smithing at SUNY New Paltz, is known as some­one who can fix things when many oth­ers have failed.”

So whether it’s a one-of-a-kind ring you’re need­ing for your wed­ding in the Hud­son Val­ley, or a repair to your great-grand­moth­er’s ring, chances are you’ll find what you’re look­ing for at Cav­al­lo’s.  John and Con­nie are ready — even for Paul Bun­y­on and his fiancee!


Cavalllo Fine Jewelry's matching wedding bands for Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bunyon photographed by Duetimage Photography Hudson Valley wedding photographers.
Match­ing wed­ding bands for Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bun­y­on!


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